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Music means to understand freedom; that nothing is determined and, simply put, that everything is possible. It creates an infinite space for chances. Throughout the past century, one of the biggest pioneers in music stuck to the following principle: “[...] let’s free each other from the urge to look for the best. This is how our opportunities remain unlimited, how anything becomes interesting.” – John Cage. He was a musical revolutionary, a genius, a free spirit, and a master of his art. Cage and his central ideas changed the philosophical approaches in the world of music.

Fascinated by his philosophical statements, the Cologne native Jens Düppe, paid heed to Cage’s statements and started using them as a foundation for his creative formation process. Of course, in regards to Cage, the drummer was following the principles in a genre bending and boundary free manner. The potential of this idea can especially be seen in the song “Dancing Plastic Bag”: a three minutes long musical piece performed only with the help of two plastic bags. We are excited to present to you the result of this creative process: Jens Düppe – Dancing Beauty, the latest Personality Records production. The CD will be released on September 22n d .

“The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I think it's not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason”. This thought by Cage is incorporated on the track “Sleeping Beauty” by the Cologne composer. To Düppe, consciously wanting to look at things from many different perspectives, Cage’s thought is particularly about the desired openness that is very important in today’s world. The track “Everything We Do Is Music” consists of an almost heroic and noble thought. A thought that provides absolute freedom and represents an invocation to an unlimited artistic unfolding. The ninth and last track “This Is Not The End”, hints that he will not stand still but rather keep moving with new ideas, more compositions and projects – and, according to himself, not only in Jazz.


However, Cage’s quotes were not the only inspiration during Düppe’s composing process. Frederik Kösters on the trumpet, Lars Duppler on the piano, and Christian Ramond on the bass, were his companions and he was inspired by each. All of them developed an individual variety of sounds due to their outstanding expertise. Düppe incorporated this into every single piece during the composing. In consequence, they developed a distinctive sound over the past ten years of playing together.

This work presents nine different worlds of sounds; each one is its own cosmos of melodies, rhythms, and structures. A big story of opportunities, impartiality, and musical freedom. A jazz album at its finest. 


Jens Düppe - Drums

Frederik Köster - Trumpet

Lars Duppler - Piano

Christian Ramond - Bass         

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