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"And Friends" (2017) is the seventh studio recording by the SAP Big Band, who celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2016. 

The title of the album refers to a number of guests and friends who are associated with the band in a special way and have made a major contribution to the album. Well-known singers such as Marc Marshall, Janice Dixon, Nicole Metzger, or Viviane de Farias meet first-class soloists like Steffen Weber, Konrad Hinsken, Stephan Kirsch, and Cris Gavazzoni. The internationally renowned jazz trumpeter, producer, and bandleader Thomas Siffling has not only led the recording, but also provided the icing on the cake by playing solo on several tracks. 

All of this results in a wonderful mix of outstanding big band music where you can almost grasp the consistency of the performance that comes across in a very natural way. 

Famous songs like Fever or Feeling Good stand right beside compositions such as Crazy Love and Take It To The Limit or jazz standards like Goodbye Pork Pie Hat and Blues In My Shoes. The album provides a perfect listening experience that not only the friends of big band jazz will enjoy. SAP board member and Chief Financial Officer Luka Mucic, who contributed the liner notes, gets to the heart of the matter when he says: "This album feels like it has been recorded by a group of friends."

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