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Always on the move, develope themselves further, get to know new countries and cultures, never stand still. To travel, from the high north to the warm south. To feel the magic of spellbound places and pass this magic on. That’s exactly created by Dirik Schilgen on his new album, „on the move“, released through Personality Records Mannheim.


With his third work, the drummer from Heidelberg builds up to the versatility of his former compositions. With much charm, joy and harmony, Dirik Schilgen creates a multifarious mixture of jazz, soul, Latin American music, and Brazilian rhythms. The musical pieces do reflect his experiences of many travels and exceptional impressions. A very complex album, consisting of nine titles, which are outstanding geared to each other, however, they still leave space for improvisations. The bandleader, composer and drummer oftentimes impresses with his two-part writing musical themes by his individual and unconventional technique. The handling of Drumset as well as Brazilian-Percussion in one setup,  combined with trumpet/flugelhorn, tenor/soprano saxophone, piano and double bass renders „on the move“ the special touch.  A jazzy melange of the combination of rediscovered sounds from North America to Brazil, in addition to a wisp of european sounds.


The inspiration for the album results from many travels and is coined of Schilgen’s musical meetings. With his already ten years existing live band „JazzGrooves“, the artist unites some of the most renowned jazz scene artists from the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar. In parallel to the publication of „on the move“, Dirik Schilgen and his band will go on a large tour through Germany.


A marvelously consistent album, and close listen reveals the feeling of being connected to distant cultures.


Volker Deglmann - Trompete, Flügelhorn
Matthias Dörsam - Tenor und Sopran Saxophon
Daniel Prandl - Piano
Matthias Debus - Bass
Dirik Schilgen - Schlagzeug und Percussion

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