With “Drop in the Ocean”, Joachim Staudt has succeeded in creating a profound and highly emotional debut album. All nine of his original compositions emmanate quietness and elegance.


Those who expect a traditional jazz album, given a classical quartet line-up with alto sax, guitar, bass and drums, will be surprised. The first piece, a wonderfully melancholic saxophone-guitar duo, already shows us the way: Warm music, flowing quietly and softly in long melody lines. It is music which leaves space for very different timbres and transports a almost nordic kind of quietness and melancholy.


The album presents itself as refreshingly minimalistic and unagitated. Joachim Staudt and his fellow musicians do not care about flaunting their skills as musicians. Instead, their concern is creating different moods through their music.


Joachim’s way led him to Amsterdam for his conservatory studies. He spent seven years in this city. Not only did he immerse deeply in the local jazz scene, but also discovered his inclination towards electronic and experimental music. As a saxophone player, passing through Peter Herbolzheimer’s BuJazzO, his career includes work as a sideman a.o. with Eddy Martinez, Dennis Alcapone, Tom Gäbel, Rainer Tempel, Flowriders, festivalappearances a.o. at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Northsea Jazz Festival and tours throughout Europe.


Joachim Staudt – Altsaxophon 
Frank Kuruc - Guitar
Axel Kühn - Bass 
Daniel Kartmann - Drums