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Samsara - literally translated it means “steady wandering“ and describes the perpetual cycle of human essence. The cycle of life and death, rebirth and reincarnation. A mode of faith which is deeply anchored in Hinduism and Buddhism. It consists of questions, asked by every human being, belief systems, which are based on the experiences and events of one’s life, and therefore relates to every creature. Whether human, animal or plant; the cycle of Samsara accompanies us every day. 

Drummer and composer Trevor Anderies lives in Los Angeles and grew up with the teachings of Buddhism. He processes this influence in his music and describes it as follows: “My music is about grounding with earth, detached from space and time. On the one hand, it’s about raising consciousness about the mutual connection with the entire environment, and, on the other hand, the special experiences in our life, as well as the beauty, uniqueness, and the value of each creature.”

On the new Album Samsara, Anderies and his European quartet give us a feeling of how to process the ancient topic of life and death not only internationally but also in a very modern way. A mystical musical journey into the unknown begins: Anderies, as the band leader, shines with beautiful soli, while never contesting the right of musical freedom for his colleagues. A mixture of classical Jazz, free Improvisation, Rock, and World Music; a proof of quality of American Jazz in the 21st century. Each of the band colleagues is a band leader themselves and looks back on many years of experience. The German saxophonist Johannes Müller, who recently released on personality records, Christian Pabst from the Netherlands as the piano player, and Gautier Laurent as the bassist from France; this musical project couldn’t get any more international. 

On each track of the album, Anderies deals with/addresses the topic of Samsara. It’s about experiences and companions which influenced the drummer along his way. The opening track Romaine’s Hang is a tribute to Anderies’ drum teacher; a huge mentor and good friend of him. Loss Of A Tooth alludes the banality of a lost tooth, which symbolizes the cycle of life on a higher level. Zealot picks up on the unpleasant aspects of life. People who only trust their own world view, have to learn how to enter a positive dialogue with different doctrines. Scolastica is a term of James Joyce’ Finnegans Wake; a book with no beginning or end that creates a similar feeling to that of Samsara. Broken Shadows and I Mean You are devoted to two musicians who have played an important role in the bandleader’s life. The French title Vous Etes Swing describes the joy of life and the laughter and love that any important life decisions should be based on. A poem of the philosopher Rumi (13th century) provides the template for A Stone I Died. A beautiful conclusion and additional principle of the scholar Nichiren: “(…) winter always turns to spring. Never, from ancient times on, has anyone heard or seen of winter turning back to autumn.” Samsara is an intense and substantial Jazz album. The international musicians combined with the strong theme result in a state-of-the-art production. Trevor Anderies and his European quartet aim to capture the European music market with their brilliant Jazz performance on this new album. 


Trevor Anderies – Drums
Johannes Müller – Saxophone
Christian Pabst – Piano
Gautier Laurent –  Bass

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