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A Brazilian saying is, "Hang on to the good ones and you become one of them." * 

Looking for inspiration the two exceptional musicians Stefan Koschitzki and Fabiano Pereira found the style „choro“. Beginning in Rio de Janeiro in the 1870s, choro conquered the salons and bars of greater brazil. Its popularity was built on one to one sharing of spontaneous musical ideas. This tradition continues until today.


The „good ones“ of this era were Pixinguinha (1897 - 1973), Luiz Americano (1900 - 1960), Jacob do Bandolim (1918 - 1969) or Waldir Azevedo (1923 - 1980). The international duo follows their tradition by bringing the choro experience to life again.

The Album „Brasil Antigo“ is an invitation to discover this almost forgotten music.

Although choro can be translated to „the crying music“, the compositions on that album are overflowing with the positive spirit of the Brazilian lifestyle. The interaction of guitar and flute or guitar and clarinet mirrors the dialogue between virtuosity and melancholia typical for the brazilian musics.

Thanks to the 2014 production by Koschitzki / Pereira, this traditional music of brazil sounds current and innovative. The term „world music“ is absolutely fitting, and this 150 year old art from the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema is made relevant for us today. It is gratifying that two young musicans didn´t stop their musical journey at the bossa nova.


„Brasil Antigo“ is an album with international flair and comes across easily. It has never been so easy to have fun with musical history.

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