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The Dutch-German Groove Jazz band Appleton takes a bow with its latest programme to perhaps the greatest pop icons of all time: The Beatles. In refined and improvised jazz arrangements centred around a three-piece horn section and singers Caroll Vanwelden from the Netherlands and Barbara Drennan from England, the band presents its very own selection of Beatles classics without, however, diluting or straying too far from the originals.

Groove and Beat are celebrated, and so too are Jazz, Funk and Soul elements. And all of it in a musical language that has since become the band's very own.

Music to get you into the groove, to dance to, or just to listen to.

Enjoy the Beatles, by Appleton



Barbara Drennan - Vocals
Caroll Vanwelden - Vocals
Chris Perschke - Trombone
Thomas Siffling - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Andreas Pompe - Saxophone, Clarinette 
Harry Terkowsky - Guitar
John Brenninkmeijer - Piano 
Chris Brenninkmeijer - Bass 
Stephen Brenninkmeijer - Drums

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