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When the first tones of Groovin’ In start to sound, the forefinger immediately begins to teeter along. It will not take any longer than a minute until the head joins, and by no later than listening to the first song it is clear, the title delivers more than it promises. The jazz formation Groovin’ High unites international top musicians to a charming and sweeping ensemble.


The band around the entrepreneur and saxist August-Wilhelm Scheer and whose same-named foundation, conjure an excellent blend of classical Jazz, Swing and Bebop. One of the most famous saxophonists of Southern Germany, Johannes Müller, is also a member of the band. Among others, he won the Soloist Prize of the Federal German university competition in the Big Band category. Gautier Laurent, who lives in France and is known beyond national borders, is the bassist of the ensemble. Sitting at a piano, one will find the prizewinning artist Pierre-Alain Goualch, who is french too. Groovin’ High is rounded off by the Parisian flagship drum player Remi Vignolo. The tracks on the album are all own compositions of the band members.


The album was recorded and mastered at the Sound & More Studios in Darmstadt by Klaus Edel. The cover art and graphics are created by Ulrich Ambach and Evelyn Mantei.


Groovin’ In is a well-matched opus, which is not only great from the perspective of a classical Jazz listener, but is enthusing for everybody.

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