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Engelrausch – these are Andreas Neubauer, Hanns Höhn, and Martin Wagner. The first one, who represents the drummer, has been playing in the past along a va- riety of musicians; among them are Georg Ringsgwandl or Biréli Lagrène. For the past ten years, he toured all over his native country France, while feeling at home in many different stylistics, such as Straight Ahead Jazz, R&B, and Soul. Hereby, he enriches the rhythmical spectrum of the band. The contra bass player Hanns Höhn made his mark through “Tango Transit”, with his duo project FrauContra- Bass, or as a sideman in Germany’s Jazz scene. Since 1984, Martin Wagner has been working in many stylistic directions as an accordionist, mainly in Jazz and World Music. Him involves the accordion style, which suits to the roots of the in- strument, and, at the same time, strikes out in new directions. Along with Per- sonality Records, the three musicians present their latest production: Engel- rausch – Fröhliche Stille Nacht, which will be released on November 17th.

Classical or traditional Christmas songs are given a completely new feel. This al- bum is about liberation! The liberation of tinsel, kitsch, and consumption, howev- er, without denying the roots of the Christmas celebration. A simple change for the better. When taking a look at the tracklist, one can tell that the musicians have intensively dealt with the different musical pieces. Titles such as Caribbean Cling Clong let the listeners dream of Christmas wearing shorts and drinking fro- zen Margaritas. Lasst uns froh und munter sein - Dance meets Oberkrainer and a talking accordion. Joseph lieber Joseph mein is supposed to rock the child into sleep; Joseph is aware of his new responsibility and takes it with pride. At the end, he knows that this child is his own. Auf dem Berge da gehet der Wind reminds of Christmas on Mount Kilimanjaro with alpenglow. There are no limits set when it comes to the interpretations of the songs. With their music, En- gelrausch creates the pursued liberation with ease.


Martin Wagnen - Accordion

Hans Höhn - Contra Bass

Andreas Neubauer - Drums

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